Reliable fire detection in larger dusty buildings is a major challenge for standard sensors. The solution is the PYROsmart system.

PYROsmart is a specially developed camera and software that very accurately detects unwanted temperature deviations in real time.

The system consists of a highly sensitive IR camera and a video camera housed in a rugged housing.

With the help of a specially developed automatic rotating mechanism, the system continuously scans and evaluates the inspected area.

The system can be supplemented with an automatically controlled water cannon, which extinguishes the fire exactly at the place specified by the PYROsmart camera. In contrast to conventional SHZ systems, there is a targeted and immediate extinguishing of a fire with a small amount of extinguishing agent.


The seized bearing is the most common source of fire in coaling systems. This type of fire spreads very quickly and therefore must be detected in the initial phase. However, this is technologically very difficult to meet with standard sensors.

Adicos systems reliably and quickly detect rotting fires and surface temperature rise. The systems can be parameterized to adapt to environmental conditions. The sensors work without false alarms even in extremely unfavorable operating conditions such as high dust, humidity and variable temperature. That is, wherever standard sensors either do not work or constantly sound false alarms. Also available for potentially explosive atmospheres and outdoor areas with a risk of condensation. It is used to protect waste warehouses, coaling systems, gearboxes, etc.

Kitchen systems

Open flames, hot surfaces and a thick layer of grease in the extractor pose a great potential fire hazard. In addition, fires in kitchens spread very quickly and are difficult to extinguish.

The Kitchen Mister fire protection system quickly extinguishes a possible fire even before it has spread. In addition, the system may turn off the power or gas supply.

Kitchen Mister does not restrict kitchen staff in their art and is resistant to false alarms.

Aerosol SHZ

A stable aerosol-based fire extinguisher extinguishes fires by chemical reaction. When activated, it does not cool the environment or reduce the oxygen concentration.

Compared to other fire extinguishers, it does not take up so much space and its installation is very simple.

A by-product of the extinguishing process is a white powder that can be easily vacuumed after the fire has been extinguished.