Gas fire extinguishing system

Gas Fire extinguishing system is used for extinguishing fires in areas where applying of normal extinguishing agents, such as water or foam might cause more damage to property than fire. They are used for fire extinguishing in closed areas or in local fires, usually in data centres, computer centres, control centres, electric switch-rooms of HV and LV as well as in engine testing laboratory, archives, etc.
The principle of fire extinguishing by chemical gases is that gases absorb heat, thereby weaken fire and extinguish it. Inert gases reduce the oxygen concentration in the protected area, thus the fire simply extinguishes. The system is activated automatically by electric fire signalization using fire detectors or the system can be run manually. The room, where the gas extinguishing system is installed must be sealed in order to prevent the fire extinguishing gas to spread around during extinguishing and to maintain gas concentration for 10 min. In the case of air conditioning, fire detectors stop air exchange in the room.