Aerosol fire extinguishing equipment

Aerosol fire extinguishing equipment got similar use like gas extinguishing systems is used for extinguishing fires in areas where applying of normal extinguishing agents, such as water or foam might cause more damage to property than fire.
Aerosol fire extinguishing equipment can be used as whole area solution even in closed areas for firefighting mostly solid and liquid substances.
Typical applications for the aerosol extinguishing equipment are spaces for cables, switchgear, electrical equipment, storage of flammable liquids, plastics, etc.. Aerosol extinguishing equipment can not be used for fires reactive metals and also materials which contain their own oxygen.
Aerosol fire extinguishing equipment is composed from the tank, which is stored with the extinguisher and also contains detection and control area. The quantity of extinguishing agent dependent on the size of the protected area and protected type of risk.
The principle of extinguishing is reducing the chemical reactions in the process of combustion.
Reduction of oxygen in extinguishing area is not affected by using aerosol application.
Fine parts of aerosol extinguisher in fire area are keeps tens of minutes.
After the fire is necessary to clean up the fire area from the aerosol residues.